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The ability to operate union-free is a critical and strategic competitive advantage
Union free businesses don’t experience the increase in operating costs by 25%-40%
Union free businesses don’t experience the high cost and inefficiencies of restrictive work rules and practices
Union free businesses don’t experience costly and disruptive grievances, arbitrations, slow-downs, work stoppages, and strikes
Union free businesses don’t experience the crippling of productivity resulting from a “we vs. they” culture
Union free businesses don’t experience the continuing deterioration of performance standards experienced by unionized companies

Our mission is to unify a community of people around a vision that is bigger than themselves — one that excites people to do their very best and work without the interference of a outside third party. Key to achieving this is trusted leadership. Trusted leadership at all levels is the engine that drives employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction drives customer satisfaction and loyalty which ultimately drives business success all of it union free.

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We provide our clients with a clear, proven road map to "union-proof" your organization by building an engaged, high performance team of associates that renders a labor union irrelevant.